At St. Paul’s we want to ensure that parents and guardians know that they and their children are welcome into the Sanctuary and worship with open arms. We understand that bringing your small child to church can sometime be stressful and difficult – we give thanks that you have joined us and hope that you find this to be an open, supportive and loving community. Here are some suggestions for all of us when we have children in church.

  • Remember that your child is a gift from God, a gift that this parish community also cherishes deeply!
  • Children are busy bees! Don’t feel the need to keep them completely still. You are welcome to spend time with your child in the children’s play area at the front of the church on the left side. It is equipped with some soft toys, books, and quiet activities to keep our little ones engaged and occupied with parents as we enjoy worship together.
  • A crying child or a child that is upset or fidgety is something that happens, and everyone understands. In order to ensure that everyone can participate in worship, please feel free to walk about with them at the rear of the Sanctuary, in the entrance way or down the stairs to our Sunday School classrooms (the greeters can point you in the right direction) if this will help to settle them. Sometimes a simple change of scenery can help to calm a child.
  • You are more than welcome to breastfeed your little one during worship in the Sanctuary. If you’d like a private space to breastfeed the chapel is available through the left archway at the front of the church and then through the door on the left. Feel free to ask our greeters for help in finding a quiet and private space for to nurse in.
  • There is a diaper-changing table in the handicap accessible washroom which can be accessed through the right archway at the front of the church.
  • If you need to bring snacks into the church for your child please ensure that they are as mess free as possible.
  • Distraction is often the key! Point out the windows, share the bulletin with your child and have them follow along, have them participate in the responses, read the prayer book and hymn book and sing together!
  • When the congregation is standing, please feel free to have your child stand next to you on the pew.
  • Again, remember that you and your child are beloved children of God. We are happy to have you with us and hope that you feel comfortable and at home here.