We have been intentional in our welcome, gathering, teaching and inclusion of children in our worship and community at St. Paul’s for decades. The Cathedral is known as a community that welcomes children and families in worship. This is one of our core spiritual values and one of our best practices of ministry. We want children with us, and we want to have them involved, engaged and to feel that church is a place for them too. All of us have a part to play in this ministry of welcome, inclusion, engagement and support for our children and families.

The Children’s Sacred Square.  The ritual of this Sacred Square time is intentionally repetitive, measured, and inclusive. It sets out to create a centering calm for the children, their parents, teachers and the community as a whole. It is intended to also teach the children about liturgical prayer, holy space and place, expected behavior in the context of holy space and worship, holy symbols and aspects of being held in the midst of the community gathered (processing through the center/body of the church, and returning this way together) and being held in the heart of God. The congregation’s part in the singing of the hymn moves the children and teachers to their classes.

Parishioners who do not have children or little ones play a vital role in being a welcoming supportive presence to those who do. We invite you to not leave all of this to those who teach and tend to our children and teen, our Children, Youth and Families Ministry Coordinator. Make friends with our children and their families. Pray for them. They pray for us. We are blessed to be given the honour to teach, tend, and nurture our children and families in faith and parish life.