Welcome to you and your family!

When you arrive at St. Paul’s you’ll be welcomed by one of our greeters at the entrance and will be provided with a bulletin for the service. This bulletin allows you to participate and follow along with the service, if you have questions feel free to ask your neighbour for assistance.

If you are coming with a stroller you are welcome to use the side entrance that is equipped with a ramp.

We invite you to sit wherever you and your family feel comfortable in the Sanctuary. You will  find a quiet children’s play area for our little ones at the front left side of the church. We ask that children are supervised by parents when in the play area and we encourage the use of quiet voices in the space.

IMG_2185Children are with the congregation for the opening hymn and prayer and then are invited to gather at the front of the church for our Children’s Sacred Square time. This is a time to gather calmly and quietly together, share in prayer and then process to Sunday School with three sacred symbols: Bible, cross and candle. Children are taken to our Sunday School classrooms with our teachers and helping hands.

If this is your child’s first time in Sunday School please join them so that you can fill out a registration form and alert us to any allergies or special considerations for your child’s time with us. You are more than welcome to stay with your child in Sunday School or head back upstairs to the Sanctuary for the service.

Sunday School is filled with the sharing of stories and prayer, crafts and activities and games. We hope that you and your child feel welcome in our children’s ministry program.

The children are brought back upstairs to be with their families in time for Eucharistic. At St. Paul’s we welcome babies and children to participate fully in communion. Our children stay upstairs for the remainder of the service. Following the service is there a social time with beverages and a few goodies in the Cathedral hall. We hope that you’ll join us and introduce yourself!