Our Sunday School program is led by an amazing group of volunteers who serve as our Sunday School Teachers and Sunday School Helping Hands. Each Sunday our children’s class has at least one teacher and one helping hand present to work with our children and our teen class is just down the hallway with one of our teachers. Our teachers and helpers work together to developing faith-based activities that embody the love of God in our midst. Our teachers and helpers have all completed a criminal records check and have, or are in progress of completing, the “Safe Church” program.

Our Sunday School teachers and helpers are supported by our Children, Youth and mgreenFamilies Ministry Coordinator, Melissa Green. Melissa has a deep passion for ministry within the church particularly with children, youth, young adults and families. She believes that all ages have a space in worship and that we are each called to a ministry of service and witness in the church and the world. Central to Melissa’s fourteen years of work with young people in the church is an important understanding of mentorship and journeying alongside while creating spaces where the Holy One can be encountered and community can be built.

Stop by and say hello or give Melissa a shout!